Season 1 Episode 5: "The Failure" & "Malco"

Episode Summary

We are thrilled to present Episode 5 of ATM STORYTELLERS, a new storytelling adventure brought to you from Across The Margin and ATM Media. In this podcast series listeners will hear stories that were — or will be — published at Across The Margin…read by the authors themselves. This podcast belongs to the writers and authors who bless our pages with their cunning wordplay and meticulously crafted stories. First up in this fifth episode of Season 1, a short story that asks: “What hope was there for a guy like Bill Cartwright — a guy not all that well-adjusted in the first place — in such a demented world?” A whimsical work of fiction where an outsider struggles to endure on the outskirts, the fringes of society, where the only rule is to break them all: “The Failure” by Matt Nagin. Followed by a fanciful tale about a hapless yet mystical burro that acts as a scathing critique of Corporate America: “Malco” by Tom Snethen.